What We Do

Varuna Strategies advises private companies—primarily founder and family owned businesses ranging from early stage to those with annual revenues of $500M—on governance, succession planning and decision making. We focus on creating and refining fiduciary and advisory governing boards.

Varuna is not a law firm, mediator or strategic advisor, but a best-of-breed hybrid of all three, with unique characteristics.

Our Strategy

Proven through clients’ business results:

  • By talking with company principals and stakeholders, we gather critical information that informs us in the implementation of internal governance systems.
  • We guide and advise as companies make difficult decisions with far-reaching impact.
  • We drive actions that catapult a business to the next level of opportunity.

With sensitivity but determination, we cut through complication, uncertainty, and personalities to provide unbiased expert advice. By enabling company principals to move beyond emotional entanglements, we help forge stronger and more productive relationships throughout an organization.

Guiding Principles

All stakeholders must adhere to these guidelines to ensure a successful process:

  • Find common ground, not differences.
  • Focus on the issues, not each other.
  • Understand what others are saying, even if you disagree.
  • Engage in finding a path to resolve the issues.
  • Commit to doing your part to achieve agreed upon goals.