Varuna Strategies

Finding Solutions, Creating Value

Every business has issues that can lead to conflict. Some involve personnel, associates and competitors; others deal with structure, governance and strategy. If left unresolved, these can cost many hours of unproductive time and legal fees and millions of dollars in opportunities lost.

Varuna Strategies excels in overcoming these problems effectively and cleanly. It works with private companies and family owned companies to find solutions to internal issues that can impact their business, including differences between partners, family members, the CEO and the board, among investors and management or among majority and minority owners.

 Varuna Strategies is different from a traditional consulting firm, analyst or legal advisor. It is a solution expeditor, an opportunity activist.

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"I have worked with Joe for several years on many different projects. What I have grown to appreciate the most about him is his ability to analyze situations, cut through the noise and help develop a plan that works. He is objective and does not take sides. He just evaluates the facts and tells it like it is, whatever that may be"

David Shamoian,
Distinctive Hospitality Group