Varuna Strategies


“I've worked with Joe for several years on many different projects. What I have grown to appreciate the most about him is his ability to analyze situations, cut through the noise and help develop a plan that works. He is objective and does not take sides. He just evaluates the facts and tells it like it is, whatever that may be.”

David Shamoian, Distinctive Hospitality Group


“Joe has the ability to create strategy and, perhaps more importantly, build consensus around the strategy and take steps to implement it effectively."

Bob Feldman, President INNO4


"Varuna restored equilibrium to the long-standing chaos of our business. Since that time, the company has been on a strong growth trajectory.”

Bob Marotto, President, Manufacturing Resource Group


"Joe Ayoub consulted with me on a range of management and board issues and worked with me personally to help define steps needed to resolve the issues with minimal disruption and conflict within the company.”

CEO of leading Boston-based company